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спирт завод


Ethyl alcohol – is a combustible colorless liquid of burning flavor with characteristic smell, hygroscopic (intensively absorbs water from air of plant and animal tissues). Alcohol is mixed in any proportions with water, ether, glycerol, petrol and other organic solvents. Ethyl alcohol and its concentrated solutions inflame well and burn with light-blue flame, not forming soot. For alcohol production Talgarspirt LLP uses food raw materials – grain (wheat, rye, corn) and malt (barley and millet) for producing potable rectified ethyl alcohol of the following types: “Best quality”, “Extra”, “Luxe”. By its taste our alcohol surpasses its counterparts as in Kazakhstan, so abroad. For that it was awarded gold medals several times at the International exhibitions in Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, Sochi and Astana. Nowadays the main consumers of our alcohol are medical and pharmaceutical institutions, distilleries, producing high-class vodkas and strong alcoholic beverages.


Ethers (ether-aldehydic fraction) – alcohol solution of main admixtures. It is transparent, colorless or yellowish (greenish) liquid, not less 92 vol.% concentration. It mainly consists of ethyl alcohol (over 35%), also contains esters, methyl alcohol and little organic acids. Ether-aldehydic fraction is subjected to distillation, obtaining industrial alcohol, which is used in chemical industry. Ethers are also used in paint production and pharmacology. Fusel oil – is a product of alcohol fermentation, composed of high alcohols, ethyl alcohol and water. Fusel oil consists of polyatomic alcohols, mainly, amyl, isoamyl, butyl, propyl, isopropyl alcohols and esters. Fusel oil is isolated from raw alcohol by its repeated distillation-rectification. Fusel oil is valuable raw material for several sectors of industry. It is used in perfumery and leather industry. Carbon-dioxide gas (carbon dioxide) – is formed from alcohol fermentation gases, undergone two-stage purification. The main consumers of carbon-dioxide gas are enterprises, producing carbonated drinks, medical institutions, as well as enterprises, whose activities are connected with electric welding, mechanical metal treatment, steel and iron casting, etc. Distillery dregs – are formed at the final alcohol production process in the result of brew distillation and contain all nutrients, inherent in source grain raw materials. Liquid (suspension) of light-brown colour with pleasant grain odour. Solids content — 6 %. Used in animal husbandry as a nutritional supplement for cattle fattening.