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— silver medals for “Luxe” and “Extra” alcohols at Astana tasting competition.

— gold medals for “Luxe” and “Extra” alcohols at the first Kazakhstan International exhibition with the competition of alcoholic beverages “Sharap-99”, Almaty

— “Europe Arc for quality and entrepreneurial prestige” prize was awarded at the International convention “Europe Arc” in Paris

— winner of the regional competition “The best organization of production and quality”

— “GrandeMedailleDOR” was awarded at “Invest Project-2000” of the International convention in Dusseldorf (Germany) for high product quality

— gold medals for “Luxe” and “Extra” alcohols at the International exhibition “Sharap-2004”

— the plant was awarded “CrystalEarthmaker” in “Sector leader” nomination by the results of activities analysis

— gold medal for “Luxe” alcohol and bronze medal for “Extra” alcohol at Astana tasting competition

— the plant was awarded a Gold medal “For high quality of business” at the Seventh International Forum in Geneva

— gold medal for “Extra” alcohol at the International competition-exhibition “Petersburg fair of wines and vodkas”, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.