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• Talgar-Spirt LLP — is one of the oldest enterprises of our republic, it was founded in 1886 by the merchant belonging to the top guild Nikita Yakovlevich Pugassov. The primary daily alcohol output was 40 decalitres. In 1918 the plant was nationalized. In 1936 it was modernized and production capacity was several times increased. The first reconstruction of the plant was in 1951-1952 and boiler room and carbon dioxide shop were constructed. The second reconstruction was in 1962-1964 and manufacturing process was turned into continuous production scheme. A new malting shop was brought into operation in 1983. In 1995 the plant was incorporated. In 1997-1998 rectification column for alcohol purification, epuration column for ether-aldehydic fraction release and boiling apparatus were replaced. In 2004 final alcohol purification column, which allowed greatly improving alcohol quality, was installed.

• Talgar distillery is situated in the territory of Talgar at mountain river Bessogachka. During 128 years the plant works by traditional technology of ethyl alcohol production from grain crops by hydrolysis of starchy raw materials. The most valuable crops for alcohol production are rye, wheat and corn. Alcohol produced by this technology – is pure product, as for starch hydrolysis one uses ferments obtained from grain crops malt – millet and barley.

• Daily output of the plant is 2 678 dal. Besides alcohol intermediate products: ether-aldehydic fraction and fusel oil, as well as distillery dregs and carbon-dioxide gas are also produced.