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– Malting department;

– Boiling department;

–Yeast department;

– Fermentation department;

– Brew-purification facility, 3000 thous.dal/day capacity;

– Run-down department.

Controlling unit at production site in respect of output quality is the Laboratory, which includes three divisions: raw materials, analytical and production laboratories.

The raw materials laboratory performs incoming control of grain from suppliers, delivering for production.

The analytical laboratory carries out the comprehensive analysis of the produced alcohol, intermediate products and auxiliary materials.

The production laboratory controls semi-finished products day and night at all production stages. The laboratory is certified. The National Center of Expert examination and Quality carries out outside control of the laboratory. The plant has working tasting commission, systematically controls alcohol quality. The output products are declared every year.


Raw materials shop includes warehouse facilities for raw materials (grain) storage, 7,5 thous.tons capacity;

Boiler room works on fuel oil, providing heat for the plant’s needs;

Mechanical shop performs all repair works of manufacturing equipment (maintenance and repair);

Electrical shop provides uninterrupted operation of manufacturing equipment, electric motors, control and measuring devices and automatic equipment;

Motor transport includes 15 transport units. Load-carrying transport delivers grain raw materials, fuel for the plant’s boiler room and unloads alcohol;

Carbon dioxide shop recovers carbon-dioxide gas, generating at fermentation and performs its two-stage purification. The first stage – adsorption purification with absorbent carbon in columns, the second stage – adsorption purification and dehydration in adsorber with silica-gel. Finished liquefied carbonic acid is filled in cylinders and long-term storage containers;

Construction shop provides construction works in maintenance and repairs, as well as construction of buildings and structures;

Fuel filling station fills the plant’s motor transport with fuels and lubricants and sells out fuels and lubricants;

– Canteen;

– First-aid room.