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Malting department: pneumatic malthouse of “Moving patch” type, where one uses seed grain (millet and barley), germination capacity not less than 92%. Ferments, required for hydrolysis of boiled soft raw materials starch, accumulate in germinated grain.    

Boiling department: cooking of refined starchy raw materials (wheat, rye, corn) in continuously operating boiling apparatus VAR-3000, under pressure 4-5 kg/sm2 within 40-50 minutes. Refined grain is mixed with warm water (swelling process) in the mixer and fed to the contact head of secondary steam by the pump, where it is heated up to 55-60 С degrees, then it is fed to the contact head of direct steam by the pump and goes into holders through tubular cooker.  

Yeast department: production yeast is farmed, nutrient medium is prepared, and stock culture is furnished. The process lasts until complete yeast ripening. Matured yeast is delivered to the fermentation department.      

Fermentation department: sweet wort is fermented by yeast at temperature +26: +30 С degrees within 72 hours. Yeast cells absorb sugar, releasing ethyl alcohol and carbon-dioxide gas. 7,5 -8,5 % alcohol by volume accumulate in fermented wort. Matured wort is fed for distillation to the BRF.      

Brew-rectification facility: composed of four columns – distillation, epuration, rectification and final purification columns. It is the up-to-date facility with automatic control system, allowing producing rectified alcohol of high quality of “Luxe” and “Extra” grade. Alcohol rectification is based on component separation by boiling temperature with release of intermediate products: ethers and fusel oil.  

 Run-down department: obtained rectified alcohol from the apparatus department goes through controlling gears into receiving containers of the run-down department and delivered through meters to alcohol cellar every day.